A Lifetime Mission

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Pauline Rosenbalm Scarcela was born in 1932 in Bristol, Tennessee, USA. Since the childhood she decided to be a missionary for Jesus Christ, studied Theology and chose Brazil as her new home in 1954.

During 53 years she served the Lord on 11 cities, in two States of Brazil, Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte. She built several Churches, blessed and even changed the lives of hundreds of people.

She had a special call for underprivileged communities and she had a great ability teaching the children. Wherever she passed, she built strong bond with many families that consider Pauline truly a member of their own family.

After getting very sick, and facing the challenges of her age, she decided to go back to her family. She passed away two days after arriving in her hometown Bristol, spending her last days surrounded by her family

During her trip back home she expressed the desire to have her story told. And we now invite you to travel with us though Pauline’s life, on a documentary that will show the joy and challenges of dedicating the entire life to serve God’s commandment:


He said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Mark 16:15

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