Alice’s Eyes

Feature Film.  Drama Based on Child Sexual Abuse. 
Under development.  Release schedule for 2019.
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Alice’s Eyes is a feature drama under development.  The film will touch on a very delicate subject: sexual abuse. That itself would be a strong subject, but it gets worse when the abuser is her father.  Alice’s eyes was first developed as a short film (30 minutes) in Brazil, and it was a great success.

We will now produce it in USA, full feature (90 minutes). Soon we’ll be doing a casting call.  Right now, 353 Studios is searching for sponsorship.  You can donate, any value, to make this impacting film become reality. Tricities will shine through our film productions. To donate specifically for this project, click:

Companies can also sponsor in exchance for publicity, and that way discount that invested value from the company tax. Please, get in contact for more information.