Delaram & Bradley

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We won’t lose a bit!  All details of your wedding will be capture in photos and video. From the moment the bride goes to the hair dresser to the moment they leave to their honeymoon. 

We follow all bride and groom preparations. Makeup, dressing, jewelry, etc. Every detail is a memory that deserves to be kept forever, for you and for your next generations. 

Of course we’ll register every second of your ceremony. We also make sure we record their voices during the vows, as well as the toasts later on. We guarantee high quality photos, videos and sound!

And we would never leave the party unregistered. It’s always lots of fun that you will wish it would last forever. Well, the images will!  So you can revive those fun moments with the ones you love. 

Watch the wedding film.  The full story from the moment they met, till the wedding day.  

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