Wedding – Invitation Video

Think modern! How about inviting your friends not with the traditional letter, but with a video invitation?  It’s fun, quicker, and you can send through your social media!

What exactly is an Invitation Video?

It’s a video you can send to friends and family, through e-mail, Facebook and Instagram, inviting them to your wedding!  Usually with 1 minute duration, the video will present the wife and the groom formally inviting to the wedding ceremony.

The invitation video can be filmed indoors or outdoors, and may include also photography, music, a romantic scene, ending with the date, time and location of your wedding. 

How long before the wedding do we need to film the invitation video?

We need at least 5 days to edit your invitation video.  So, ideally, we should film it around two weeks before the date you want to sent it to your friends and family.  Just to make sure…  not before the wedding date, but before the invitation date. 

Do I need to talk on the video?

We can make the invitation video using only photography or/and video and use someone else’s voice or just texts to do the invitation.  But, I bet your friends and family will love to hear it straight from the couple. 

Forget about the traditional invitation by mail.
Make it different. Make a video !