We make more than Wedding Videos!

Why you should pick 353 Studios for your Wedding Video Production

We do more than just videos. We make films… even for weddings! We not only film your ceremony and reception, but we produce a film concept wedding video that will tell your love story, from the moment you both met till the moment you got married. 

The video will capture all your special moments, such as the first kiss, the proposal, and will add testimonies of family and friends. Of course, your ceremony and reception will also be captured by the best professionals and using top of line filming and sound equipment, including aerial view. 

It’s your love story made into a real film!

If you are planning your wedding...

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Packages and Forms

We are proud to say we go above the competition to offer you something different, with high quality, both on the service as well as the resulting product, our Wedding Videos and Photos.  Click on the tabs below to know more about what makes 353 Studios the best option to you.

More than a simple video. It’s a Film!

A wedding film is much more than just a ceremony and reception video. We will tell your love story, from the moment you both met till your wedding day. 
Your first kiss, your favorite meeting place, the proposal, friends and family testimonials, and much more! Memories that should never be forgotten, in a video filled with emotion and fun, that you’ll be proud to show your friends, family, and next generations.  Click here for details.

We work with high quality equipment (cameras, light, microphones, accessories, etc).  And the most important: we are trained to get the best of them. That will reflect in the quality of your video, providing a sharp, bright and colorful image with a clear sound. Read more…

How about sending your friends a video invitation, instead of the traditional card by mail? We can do that!  We also produce videos to play before the ceremony and during the reception, bringing even more fun and emotion to your more precious day. Read more …

Our team will meet with you and help you plan what’s the best for your wedding ceremony and footage. You’re not alone.  We know there’s a lot of decisions to be made, and we’re here to help. 

Recent Work

We are so proud to present you some of our latest works. We film from traditional wedding in Church up to adventure ceremonies on the lake or mountains. Besides videos we also offer the service of photography for your ceremony, and also photo sessions before and after the wedding.



My wife and I were really impressed with the results.  Thank you!  Best wedding video ever!

Bryce David Bess


We LOVE it!!!!
Our video turned out more than we could dream of... pure perfection!!

Cortney Vineyard


Everyone was so nice and went above and beyond. Not enough words to thank you all. I watch it over and over.

Delaram Ratheal